Your Space. Your Way.

The systems we provide require input from everyone on a project, from the architect to the electrician to the plumber to the interior designer. Leave a member of the team out and it can cause problems. That’s why we pride ourselves on building relationships with everyone on the development team, and focus on providing solution orientated input.

M&E Consultants

If Architects provide the look and feel of a project, M&E consultants design and build the operational heart of it. We have worked with many over the years and know that in order to add value, they require detailed design and specification. We have an in-house CAD team and specialists who focus on delivering these type of system details to them, which will keep your project on track.

Electrical Contractors

Given the similar nature of our systems, we work closely with a number of electrical contractors, from smaller, independent companies to large, multi-national organizations. If you are looking at a project, are interested in our types of systems and already have a electrical contractor on board, we would like the opportunity to sit down with everyone and see which systems are suitable for you.

Building Contractors

In our experience, building contractors are looking for three things from every one of their subcontractors – do it right the first time, get it done on time, help them deliver the project. Over the past 10 years, our team has worked with over 150 developments, from 2 bedroom refurbishments, to 900+ unit developments, to 30,000 square foot new build homes, and we know how important it is to contribute to the project team. That is why we provide detailed documentation of what we will be doing and work with contractors to ensure that our planned works help them keep on schedule and budget.

Lighting Designers

Lighting can change the look and feel of a room in an instant, and investing in a good lighting design can be one of the best decisions you can make on a project, whether it’s residential or commercial. Our team have worked with a number of lighting designers over the years and we know we can add value to your lighting design by making it come alive through our various control systems.

If you don’t have a lighting designer but are interested in speaking with one, please contact us and we can recommend one in your area

Interior Designers

Interior designers turn a house into a home and have a huge impact on the final feel of the project. We frequently work with interior designers who want to incorporate the conveniences of modern life (TV, lighting control, laptops, music systems, etc.) without compromising on the look and feel. We specialize in making our systems disappear until they are required, using ‘plaster-in’ speakers, TV lifts, wireless control, and a catalogue of techniques developed over the years.


Over the past 10 years, we have worked with over 50 developers, on over 125 sites covering over 4000 properties, so we know what life looks like on your side of the fence, hence our one-stop-shop philosophy, from design and installation, to sales training, marketing and after-sales.

Depending on your budget and target market you may require something a bit different; lighting control, audio throughout each home, or perhaps a home cinema in your penthouse.

Customers can upgrade and add on further options, however your staff needn’t worry as we provide you with a dedicated Sales Manager who meets each customer allowing your staff to concentrate on selling homes.
Why make this investment in your development?

  • Additional selling tool
  • Differentiate your homes
  • Sell your homes faster
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the customer needs
  • Additional revenue through added value upgrades; alternatively, the added value upgrades can be used to incentivize a sale to close.
  • Hassle free. HTI manage the whole process and provide regular reports on the development’s status
    In a nutshell, this type of system protects your investment.


Our projects start on the architect’s drawing table and we are committed to providing technical advice and input that will help every architect make his client’s vision become a reality.

The client wants to listen to his music but not see any speakers? We have a solution. Client wants to watch HD quality in every room. We have a solution for that too. Client wants a teleportation room that can take him to his office and avoid the traffic? That is going to take a bit work working out, but leave it with us.

Members of our team are also trained in providing RIBA approved CPD courses, designed to help architects keep up to date with the latest technology and it’s requirements.

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Some of our team’s many awards:
CEDIA 2015 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
Essential Install Trade Awards 2014, Highly Commended, Best Light Commercial Project
Essential Install Trade Awards 2012, Best UK Domestic Install
CEDIA 2010 Finalist, Best Integrated Home & Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA 2009 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
2010 Crestron Integration Award Winner