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CPD Workshops

At HTI, we understand that technology moves pretty fast and it can be challenging to keep up with it’s constant barrage of the ‘next new thing’. We want to help you

As such, we have developed the HTI Technology Seminar, a CPD type presentation that gives an update what is happening, what you need to know for your industry, what you don’t, and what technology is going to have an impact on your business.

In an hour, we cover the following:

  •  The Basics – where wireless works, where it should be used and where it should be avoided, how much cabling is really necessary and what is needed to live & work in a cable free environment.
  • Environmental Control – what is the cost/reward difference between energy generation, energy monitoring, and energy management, how small changes at the beginning can result in huge savings down the road, and the options are available for properties that are already completed
  •  TV, Audio & Video – everyone uses digital content, so how to get it from your pocket or the internet into your project is going to be more and more important. How speakers and systems are evolving become a part of the building’s fabric. What is high definition and HDMI, what are it’s limitations, where it’s being used, where it’s going and am I going to be putting all my DVDs into the same box I put my VHS tapes into?
  •  What’s next – buildings have a long life but technology evolves quickly. Where is it going to be in 5 or 10 years and will your input into a project take this into account? We discuss the next generation of high definition, wireless networking, energy efficiency, and how satellite boxes will be relegated to the attic of history a lot sooner than you think.

HTI is a company built around client service, not any supplier’s product, and we work hard to stay unbiased, so we look at every project with fresh eyes. Like our clients, you need information that isn’t filtered by third parties, so what you won’t hear is us proposing any component or manufacturer by name or inference. We offer this seminar simply because we believe that the more you know, the better questions you can ask of your clients, and the more effective you and your company can make about your projects.

If you are interested in organising an HTI Technology Seminar, or would like to know more about it, please contact us at 0131 510 1250 or

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