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KNX thermostatic controlls allow for more efficient control of whole home heating through zone control and geared temperature changes
LED lighting control is a both energy efficient and can be multi-coloured Blind control via a KNX and Silent Gliss system minimises the impact of solar gain on a room Open door

Energy Efficient Homes

We supply, install and program both wireless and wired heating control systems that can save 30-40% on your energy bills. To understand how, here are some facts about energy efficiency in the home:

– Domestic heating accounts 80-85% of a household’s energy bills. Lighting accounts for around
– The typical homeowner spent £1180 over the past year on their energy bills
– Domestic heating is responsible for approximately 2,500 kg of CO2 being released into the
environment per home per annum
– Domestic energy costs have increased by an average of 11% per annum every year for the past
five years
– Energy costs have increased by 16% in 2011 alone, and predicted to be higher by 50% by 2016.

However, we have a solution that
– Can lower your monthly energy bills by 30-40%
– Has a payback period of around years (significantly faster than other energy saving technologies like solar panels and heat pumps)
– Will help protect you from energy bill increases in the future
– Lower your carbon footprint by 630kg per annum.

Our solution are based on wireless technology and utilise multi-zone control to lower your energy bills.

How does it work?

In a typical house, a heating system is turned on, set to a temperature and then left. Some are set to come on and off at different times of the day but generally, if the heating system is on, it’s on for the entire property.

With a multi-zone heating system, each room becomes it’s own zone and therefore can be controlled independently of any other zone. So when the kids are at school, their bedroom heating can be turned off automatically, while the rest of the house is kept warm. At night, the bedrooms could be warmed while the rest of the house is set cooler.
– The system replaces the incoming valve of each radiator with a wireless TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) that can be independently controlled by a central control.
– Each TRV is either a master zone (if it’s the only one in the zone) or a slave zone(if another TRV is already present in the zone), and each TRV is controlled by the master panel, located anywhere you like.

Wireless Heating Zones

The system is then programmed to reflect how the property is used – when does everyone get up? When does everyone leave for school/work? What days are there people around during the day? Where does everyone hang out before and after dinner? When does everyone go to bed?

This type of heating control can reduce these costs by 30-40% per annum by
– Limiting heat output to areas where it is required
– Limiting heat output to times when it is required
– Limiting the potential heat output in a zone and by slowing down the heating process as the desired temperature is getting close, ensuring that heat is not wasted by ‘overshooting’ the specified temperature.
– Ensuring that when an area’s heat requirement is ‘boosted’, it returns to pre-programmed levels in the next cycle.
– Stopping heat output in a zone when it detects a sudden drop in temperature, like from a open door or window (not included in all systems)
– Incorporating a ‘global off’ button that sets the heating to minimum building protection for either short absences or longer holidays.

The cost of these systems starts as low as £599, do not require any re-wiring or re-decorating, and can be installed in less than a day.

If you are interested in learning more about lowering your energy bills without intrusive or expensive installation works, please email us on or call 0131 510 1250 to find out more.

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