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iPad programmed to contol lights, heating, blinds, and multi-room audio
A Gira KNX interface controling audio, lighting and heating Blind control via a KNX and Silent Gliss system Homes installed with lighting control, heating control, blind control, and remote access

Home Control

Home Control is about efficiency

It’s about being efficient with your energy. Our systems can lower your energy usage by up to 40% over traditional systems

It’s about being efficient with your décor. Every room needs a light switch, a thermostat, something to control the blinds, etc. A carefully designed system should account for all that control, all in a single, easy to use switch.

It’s about being efficient with your time. Home control is about allowing for small details in life. Not sure if you turned off all the lights before heading to bed? There is a button by your bedside to do just that. Running late? There is a button by the front door to turn off the lights, close the windows, turn down the heating and close the blinds.

Think ‘central locking’ for your home.

We consider the total environment for lighting and heating, providing a seamless link with our other entertainment and communication features to make the home more comfortable, more functional and more efficient in its use of energy.

Whole home automation is about making life simpler, not more complicated. We can design and install home automation systems bespoke for you. These systems can integrate home entertainment, lighting, heating, security, door entry, surveillance and remote control.

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Some of our team’s many awards:
CEDIA 2015 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
Essential Install Trade Awards 2014, Highly Commended, Best Light Commercial Project
Essential Install Trade Awards 2012, Best UK Domestic Install
CEDIA 2010 Finalist, Best Integrated Home & Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA 2009 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
2010 Crestron Integration Award Winner