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Internet connection throughout the home, wired and wireless
The internet is required for everything these days, from office work to home work The entire family requires access to the internet Professional installation of the cabling infrastructure

Internet & Data

People will say that there are three utilities you have to consider when building or refurbishing your home – Water, Gas, and Power. We say they are wrong. We believe that there is a fourth utility that is just as important. The cabling of your Data/TV/Telephony infrastructure is just as important. After all, do you use these services any less than you use the other three?

Your internet, your phone, your wi-fi, your satellite TV all depend on this infrastructure and getting it right can be done for a fraction of the costs you would have to pay to try and get it done later.
A well designed cabling platform should allow your home to evolve as you and your family change. A study can become a bedroom, can become a playroom, can become a home office, etc.

Pre-wiring for TVs on walls is a great way to save floor and countertop space, and putting in some of the required cabling for an entertainment system, even if you don’t have the budget for the system at the moment, can be a great treat down the road.

We can help you make sure that your home is going to work for you from the start, and the future.

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Some of our team’s many awards:
CEDIA 2015 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
Essential Install Trade Awards 2014, Highly Commended, Best Light Commercial Project
Essential Install Trade Awards 2012, Best UK Domestic Install
CEDIA 2010 Finalist, Best Integrated Home & Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA 2009 Finalist, Best Multi Dwelling
2010 Crestron Integration Award Winner